About Us

For over thirty years, the Blue Mermaid has been to St. Catharines what 5 star restaurants the world over have been to their cities.

Nick and Tom Kosilos, along with several family members working hand in hand, have stayed focused on maintaining the Blue Mermaid’s sterling reputation as the premier fine dining seafood and steakhouse facility in St. Catharines and how successful they have been. The Blue Mermaid is still first to mind when it is time for an ultimate dining experience.

You know you’re in a special place as soon as you arrive at 10 Market Square. The massive 10-foot oak doors closing behind you with a gentle ‘thump’. You are in a brightly lit 20-foot ceilinged rotunda with a massive and ornate brass chandelier. Up a short flight of stairs is the 100 seat main dining room. The décor is an elegant nautical theme, that doesn’t, pardon the pun, go overboard. With its mostly male wait staff, fine crystal, china and pewter, this is the room where fine dining memories are made; time after time. For that extra special occasion, we can accommodate groups up to 20 in a semi-private room off to the side.

The Blue Mermaid’s wonderful success story is all of these things plus attitude. The caring, respectful, “customer is first” attitude that is so often missing elsewhere. Learning your name, recognizing you on subsequent visits, quickly learning your preferences, a genuine caring for your comfort and satisfaction.. The Blue Mermaid.

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